The Voice of the Team

first week in Tirane

After starting the second week quite energetically and increasingly enthusiastic about what is to come, it is nice to look back and reflect on that first week experience with Databooz and this new team here in Tirana.

After several experiences with companies here in Tirana, I can surely say one thing: Databooz is not common.

This being said I would like to justify it by the fact that the relationships that have been established are not the standard boss-employee with no regards and professional strictness but rather those of a professional approach of growth and the feeling of belonging. This new group, no matter how small is now working not with the scope of salary alone as one usually does but with a desire and respect towards our tutoring, structuring and developing the development team both as individuals and as professionals. Having started the week with a gigantic welcome, I firmly believe that it will be a pleasure and a privilege to promote and work in these high standards and understanding.